Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Outsource Software Development - EMR Software App Development

Ampere Software is a fast growing outsourced software product engineering company specializing in custom programming for web applications, medical application and other software applications development.

Our software development professionals command the respect of their peers. They know software and software development. They’re highly trained and experienced, and they keep on learning. You can scale the size of your team up or down, as needed, without sacrificing pace or expertise because the Ampere Software team makes it a practice to share their knowledge and experience, and they stay current on the latest in software development and testing.

Ampere Software Focus: startup software companies, small IT software companies, medium to large enterprise software IT companies, Entrepreneurs on their own or funded, VC backed next generation startups, financial houses, retail houses, cloud computing groups and companies and IT contractors etc..
Please share the requirement to us at sales@amperesoftware.com or visit our website - http://www.amperesoftware.com  for more details.

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