Friday, January 18, 2013

Healthcare Software - Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software Development

Ampere Software has extensive experience developing and maintaining Medical software. We have been providing software development services to US healthcare market for more than seven years.

The medical software development solutions for business and medical information management purposes embrace 3 main areas:

Electronic medical record (EMR) software development - Medical billing software development - Appointment scheduling software development.

Electronic medical record software abolishes the obsolete practice of paper-based record system and gives medical staff an opportunity to reduce the cycle of record delivery as EMR software enables easy medical data storing, modifying and retrieving right from a computerized workstation.

We offer flexible collaboration models and pricing options to match your business goals and expectations!

Contact us today we will help you with any of your current or future need., website - or Call Free at: +1-818-850-7782

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