Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Healthcare Software Development - Medical Billing And Coding Software

Ampere Software, is a unique multi-service company. Ampere Software specializes in EHR, medical billing, software development, EMR and oversight of day-to-day practice operations. For more than 7 years,  Ampere Software proudly serves a thousand of providers in USA, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, India, Dubai, Doha, Qatar, UAE, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Norway and Sweden etc.

We offer flexible collaboration models and pricing options to match your business goals and expectations!

Contact us today we will help you with any of your current or future need. sales@amperesoftware.com, website - http://www.amperesoftware.com or Call Free at: +1-818-850-7782

Electronic medical record (EMR) software development - Medical billing software development - Appointment scheduling software development - practice management software - PM Software Development

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