Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Medical Software Application – Healthcare Software Development Services

Ampere is a custom software development company employing expert software developers....

Ampere is expert at : Health-care software development, HIPAA Compliance medical software development, Appointment Scheduler Software development, Clinical Charting and reporting Solution development, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software, Electronic Health Records (EHR) , Hospital Management Information Systems, Health care Portals...etc...

EHR software helps Health care facilities to completely automate their Patient records management on a high security HIPAA compliant hosted platform. Users of this solution will have multiple ways to store patient information.

Ampere offer services at highly competitive rates, our goal being to be a contributing factor in making businesses efficient and cost-effective.

Ampere Serve - Fort Lauderdale, Oxnard, Chattanooga, Paterson, Springfield, Durham, Garden Grove, Rockford, Springfield, Chandler And Moreno Valley etc..

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