Friday, April 13, 2012

Medical Billing Software – EMR, EHR Software Development

Ampere specialize in providing medical billing software as one of our offshore healthcare software solutions. This particular software is aimed at providing various functions including: Online eligibility verification, Billing and code processing, Analyze reports and check quality assurances, Automated print and manual billing charge etc.

Ampere also develop custom software development of healthcare applications like Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, Practice Management (PMS), HMIS, Medical Billing and Coding as well as healthcare IT consulting, outsourcing services in order to simplify workflows and make them accessible at point of care.

Ampere Serve - Henderson, Santa Rosa, Hayward, Fullerton, Orange, Topeka, Sterling Heights, Alexandria, Rancho Cucamonga, Aurora, Escondido, Lancaster, Concord, Cedar Rapids, Thousand Oaks, Macon, Sioux Falls, Springfield, Columbia, Peoria, Mesquite, Salinas, Beaumont, Inglewood and Gary etc.

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