Friday, July 22, 2011

Stock Pad Application For iPad

Manage your Stocks, Track them on move, Keep update about the latest in finance/business sectors via News Bytes - Powered by Yahoo Finance API.

In Stock Pad App you can see the list of Company's Price, Market Capitalization Change and Change percentage. You can add company or business that interests you by just press the "+" sign. You can enter company name and search which will fetch corresponding symbol and on pressing “done” that particular company will add to your main list. New Company will list in the bottom of the screen.

If you like to make your favorite list of company then just select company form main list using check-box and press the bookmark symbol which will make your separate list. You can also see the value chart of company using landscape mode in case of main list as well favorite list. If you like to see another company chart then follow the same “add” procedure.

You can also search the latest news according to your requirement. Share information with your friend via FaceBook or Twitter.

Available on Apple app store @ just $.99 USD and @

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