Thursday, July 21, 2011

SOS Med Alert For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

SOS Med Alert provides crucial information on your health background, health reports, medical conditions, special requirements or allergies if any when you are in any emergency situation.

It's an must have app for every iPhone, iPod Touch users. You can have all your health/medical details fed into this app along with scanned reports and in the case of emergency any third person, doctor/physician treating you can help you better and diagnose with utmost accuracy. Your medical profile along with reports is here and always with you on your iPhone.

When you run this application for first time, please fill all your information, medical condition, emergency contact information, insurance details accurately and save the details. Once done, you can see the main home screen with key tabs:

You are responsible for your data and use of this app. Please provide all information with utmost care and precision. We take no responsibility for your incorrect data or incorrect use. Please use at your own risk.

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Important: Please fill accurate information on your medical stats so that you can keep you medical information handy and anyone helping/operating you in any emergency situation can help/treat you BETTER.

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