Friday, May 4, 2012

Medical Software Development Services | USA | UK

Ampere Software specializes in Custom software development: Outsourced Healthcare software development, HIPAA Compliance medical software development, Appointment Scheduler Software development, Clinical Charting and reporting Solution development, Medical Billing and coding Software, Electronic Medical Records Software, Hospital Management Information Systems, Healthcare Portals, Practice Management Software And Clinical Information Management etc...

Ampere undertake every aspect of your project: requirements management, product design and architecture, programming and development, quality assurance, documentation preparation, tech support, and software maintenance.

Ampere Serve - Flint, Pomona, Pasadena, Hartford, Brownsville, Pasadena, Overland Park, Hollywood, Irvine, Lansing, Sunnyvale, Santa Clarita, New Haven, Eugene, Evansville, Salem, Henderson, Santa Rosa, Hayward, Fullerton, Orange, Topeka, Sterling Heights and Alexandria etc...

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